Copyright Management

Köksal & Partners provides an extensive and effective copyright protection and management service. Our services include a wide array of topics ranging from the registration of your copyrighted works, to the protection of your rights against unions and judicial authorities.

Online Reputation Management

If you are struggling with fake news on the internet or your past is haunting you on the web, what you need to get is our Online Reputation Management services. We help you get rid off all that defaming content in a snap!

Consultancy Services

It is one of the most vital needs of today to get legal advice on every aspect of your trade and day to day life, from setting up a new business to minimizing the legal risks in your current business.

Köksal & Partners provides services for both corporate and individual clients with a team of specialist jurists and technical staff.

Litigation & Execution Proceeding Services

Köksal & Partners has been providing effective litigation and execution proceeding services to its clients for many years. Your litigation and execution proceedings are handled by our team of experts.