Köksal & Partners provides wide range of legal services in all areas of sports law such as criminal actions and action for compensation due to chicanery, incentive, restraint from watching or play fields, wounding of athletes and effective pursuance of administrative processes; objection against restraint from race and other disciplinary penalty held by federations’ legal committee in Turkish Football Federation Arbitral Tribunal or Department of Sports Services Arbitral Tribunal and representation of athletes or clubs in these tribunals; preparation of contracts between athletes, technique person and player representatives and sports clubs, conducting these contract negotiations; settlement of disputes related to transfer, legal process to be conducted against administrative penalties due to doping use and process to be conducted against administrative actions of federations related to Turkish Football Federation and other branch of sports and exchanging necessary correspondence with federations.

Köksal & Partners provides an effective and diligent consultancy and legal services to its Clients with its expert and experienced staff especially claims for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages and criminal actions against either medical professionals or healthcare organizations related to physical injury and death arising from the treatment modalities and surgical operations administered by medical doctors to patients; also claims for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages and criminal actions against other health members arising from their actions.

Köksal & Partners provides an effective legal services to either private citizens or press and media establishments with its experience in press law of many years in all areas of press and media law such as actions for damages and criminal actions due to tortious action that are committed by either mass and printed media or social media, publication of response and rectification texts against assaults by media and pursuance of disputes related to this, legal measures related to printed and visual media, annulment suits and full remedy actions due to unlawful administrative proceedings that are related to allocation of radio frequency.

Köksal & Partners provides wide range of services with regard to law of foreigners and nationality law for its foreign Clients; such as acquisition of Turkish nationality, following-up of judicial process such as residence permit, work permit, education permit, filing an administrative application related to these and pursuance of this application, legal consultancy in cases of expulsion or loss of citizenship or extradition of offender, correspondence with the competent authority in foreign country and administrative investigation and actions arising from all these processes.

Köksal & Partners provides an effective legal service related to law of succession; such as will, preparation of contracts for wills and contracts for partition of succession, receiving certificate of inheritance, disclaimer of inheritance, cancellation of testamentary disposition, cancellation of will, action for reduction, administration action, action for renunciation of the inheritance, cancellation of proceedings due to decedent simulation.

Köksal & Partners provides wide range of legal services related to annulment suits against any unlawful proceeding regarding you by administration, full remedy actions for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages arising from unlawful proceedings by administration; additionally, in disciplinary proceedings, litigation, written opinion and defense statement, oral opinion before court or disciplinary board with its staff experienced in administrative and public law.

Köksal & Partners provides any legal service related to preparation of building projects in accordance with legislation, receiving the building license and other related documents in accordance with legislation, conduct of construction in accordance with law; also preparation of rental and sale agreements, fulfilling the obligations with respect to property law, preparation of construction management plan and litigation of any legal disputes related to these with its experience of many years in construction and realty sectors to its Clients.

Köksal & Partners provides wide range of attorney services by its expert staff in family law such as uncontested and contested divorce litigation, alimony payment, pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages, curatorship, division of matrimonial property, establishment of paternity, adoption processes, preparation of marital property agreement and recognition and enforcement of decisions such as divorce in Turkish courts.

Köksal & Partners provides legal consultancy and contract services related to electricity, natural gas and petrol markets; besides it provides legal services such as license application, bidding; either in commercial disputes related to these subjects or in annulment suits against Board’s decisions.

Köksal & Partners provides legal services related to trading companies such as preparation of establishment and amendment of legal corporations and articles of association, registration to trade registry, arrangement of corporate rules, assignments of share, cancellation of general assembly resolution; contracts between partners, current account contracts, rental agreements, franchise agreements, loan contracts, bargain and sales. Additionally, Köksal & Partners provides an effective legal service in cases related to commercial corporations which arises from any commercial dispute such as any action of debt, action for compensation, unfair competition.

Köksal & Partners provides consultancy for labor contracts, office regulations, mutual termination agreements, cancellation of labor contracts; conducts necessary negotiations and provides an effective litigation for all cases arising from labor law such as labor wages, reinstatement claim, compensation, workplace accidents etc.

Köksal & Partners provides an effective litigation, consultancy and protection & registration services for intellectual and industrial property rights such as software and computer programs, copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial designs, utility models.

In this context, Köksal & Partners provides effective legal services for:

  • Registration of products that are developed by Clients and setting up a strategy for the protection of these products,
  • Conducting application, entry and registration processes of trademarks, patents, industrial designs, utility models before TPI,
  • Conducting registration of domain name and pursuance of these process,
  • Conducting action and objection processes in cases of violation of Clients’ and intellectual property rights by third parties,
  • Following-up unjustified registration request related to its Clients’ rights by third parties and taking related legal actions related to these requests.
  • Conducting negotiations with adversary either in application or in litigation processes and protecting Clients’ rights in all phases.

Köksal & Partners provides an effective legal consultancy and litigation service in criminal law to its Clients with its expert attorneys who have solid academic competence and background. At the same time, Köksal & Partners provides legal support with regard to criminal investigation procedures such as detention, search and seizure, interrogation and arrest.

Köksal & Partners also provides an effective litigation service to its Clients for common crimes such as willful murder, injury, threat, defamation, robbery, fraud, embezzlement, collusive tendering, sexual assault as well as cyber-crimes, sport-crimes, press offences and medical law (criminal liabilities of medical professionals) which require expert knowledge.

Köksal & Partners provides wide range of legal services to legal and natural persons who operate in information technologies by protecting their intellectual and industrial property rights; establishing contracts, advising on relations, rights and obligations of staff members and vendors at the research and development stage and pursuing all kinds of lawsuits related to information technology law either in criminal courts or in civil courts.

  • Litigation Services
    • During Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office conducting a criminal proceeding and continuing criminal suits in courts, if you are defendant or suspected or as a victim of a crime in the position of complainant,
    • Disputes, recording of evidence, civil and criminal suits arising from Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works such as violation of rights on computer programs (unauthorized copying, pirated software, violation of intellectual artistic work etc.), copyright infringements on the internet,
    • Suits for damages and criminal suits due to violation of personal rights on the internet.
  • Contract and Consultancy Services
    • All kinds of contract and consultancy requirements required by information technology firms’ know-how and equipment,
    • Contracts that require know-how such as software contracts, license agreements, maintenance and updating contracts, penetration contracts, know-how contracts etc. and consultancy services related to these subjects,
    • Preparation of oral and/or written expert opinions related to information technology law, expert opinion for legal procedures, legal and technical guidance related to corporate process,
    • Legal and technical consultancy on determination of evidence in information environment.
  • Training Services
    • Köksal & Partners provides technical and legal training services in the following areas by its staff consisting of experienced lawyers and technical advisers, especially to companies and public institutions who operate in accordance with information technology law,
    • Köksal & Partners provides training sessions for the following subjects:
      • Information technology law,
      • Cyber-crimes,
      • Collecting digital evidences,
      • Protection of personal data,
      • Removing content from internet and reputation management in social media,
      • Computer use in office,
      • Legal and technical protection methods against information security and cyber-crimes,
      • Copyright protection on computer programs,
      • Protection of intellectual property rights in information technology contracts and information environment,
      • Robots and artificial intelligence.