Fake Hotel Website Fraudsters Arrested


A swindling crime ring made $90,000 by collecting money through fake hotel websites, it has been revealed after a police operation in which 11 suspects were detained in the touristic southwestern Muğla province. “Tourism establishments have been under threat from cyber-gangs in recent years. We have reported the situation to the provincial police directorate in Muğla. The operation took nearly one year,” said Tunç Batum, vice president of the South Aegean Touristic Hoteliers and Operators Association. “At the end of the operation 11 people were brought to court. Two of them were arrested. Another gang member is sought in the Netherlands,” he added. The websites of more than 10 hotels in Muğla were duplicated by the gang members, who received online payments of almost 500,000 Turkish Liras ($90,000) from holidaymakers, according to Batum. The hotel of which Batum is the general manager, Hilton Dalaman Sarıgerme, was involved in the case. “Most of the defrauded people will be able to get their money back because the gang’s accounts were frozen,” said Batum. “The fake websites appear on top of the search pages due to advertisements. We have notified the search engine administrators many times, but it is not possible to say that they have taken the necessary measures,” he said. Informatics expert and lawyer Mehmet Ali Köksal has warned holidaymakers to check the exact domain names of the hotels carefully before making payments. “This method [of defraud] is called phishing,” he said, adding that customers should not hesitate to phone the hotels in case of suspicion.   Kaynak: Hürriyet – Burak Coşan

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Simplification of Procedures for Acquirement of Turkish Citizenship


With the “Regulation on the Amendment of the Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law” (“Amendment Regulation”),published in the Official Gazette on 18.09.2018, a number of regulations have been introduced and the relevant procedures have been facilitated for foreigners to acquire Turkish citizenship. In accordance with the Amendment Regulation, there have been some alterations to the Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law (“Implementing Regulation”) Article 20, entitled “Acquisition of Turkish citizenship, necessary documents and procedures”. According to the amended provision, the amount of capital investment required to acquire Turkish citizenship has been reduced and the number of people who need to be employed has been reduced. Briefly speaking, the exceptional acquisition of Turkish citizenship is regulated in Article 12 of the Turkish Citizenship Law and concerns the status of citizenship for persons who do not have the right to acquire Turkish Citizenship on the basis of birth or paternity principle. According to the related article; Persons who: establish industrial facilities in Turkey; have provided or are thought to provide an extraordinary service in scientific, technological, economic, social, sportive, cultural or artistic fields; on the condition that the competent Ministry has put forward a justified offer for them; despite not working in Turkey, will invest in accordance with the rules (scope and amount) which will be determined by the President; or persons who have received resident permits as their foreign spouse, the minor or dependent foreign child; Turkuaz Card holders and their foreign spouse, the minor or dependent foreign child; are considered mandatory to be accepted to citizenship; are considered as immigrants may acquire Turkish citizenship by the decision of the Council of Ministers (President’s decision, according the Amendment Regulation) provided that they do not face an obstacle in terms of national security and public order. The conditions required for foreigners to apply in order to acquire Turkish citizenship are regulated In Article 20 of the Implementing Regulation, and some capital conditions are required to be provided and proved. With the Amendment Regulation dated 18.09.2018, which was issued to amend this article of the Implementing Regulation, the previously determined capital amounts were reduced. To sum up the conditions that make it possible to benefit from the exception and the amendments that are brought to these conditions with the Amendment Regulation, we may emphasize that: Previously, the Ministry’s proposal and the decision of the Council of Ministers for the acquisition of citizenship within the scope of the exemption would be required; with the amendment, the Turkish citizenship may be granted, under the same exception, citizenship shall be granted with the decision of the President. One of the conditions for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship under the exception is to have a certain amount of fixed capital investment. In accordance with the Amendment Regulation, minimum fixed capital investment amount of $2.000.000 has been reduced to $500.000 and The Ministry of Industry and Technology has been appointed to replace the Ministry of Economy as the competent authority who will determine the abovementioned amount. Another exception for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship is the purchase of an entailed real estate. […]

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